"> Smartphone Marketing School Gold Membership

Smartphone Marketing School Gold Membership

6 Monthly Payments of $42
Master the art of visual marketing with just your iPhone!

Smartphone Marketing School is open to new students, July 21st - August 1st!

"SPMS has made marketing and advertising so easy for this busy mom! I can easily create graphics and videos for social media on the go and not take too much time away from my family and other tasks required of my business. I love being the first to know about amazing apps and resources! This membership helped me make amazing promo videos for Facebook ads which resulted in my best TpT site-wide sale in over 4 years! My social media followers have increased, more engagement on posts, and as a result, more sales!"

Hallie Sherman | Speech Time Fun

Get access to ONLY membership site that teaches you how to create amazing social media designs, product photos, & explainer videos with just your iPhone.

Join 250+ entrepreneurs who are maximizing their time and online visuals through easy-to-follow tutorials + a supportive Facebook group community.

"I found SPMS at just the right time last summer. Yes, it has helped my social media game, but the real value for me has been in the video editing information. I had purchased video equipment and started creating content for my courses on my computer. Things were going okay, but they were going slow. Once I enrolled in SPMS, I was able to edit 4 videos in the time it would take me to edit 1 on my computer. Last summer, I created two online courses that feature over 125 videos. The members-only Facebook has also been invaluable to me. When I can't find what I need, I can throw out a question and immediately get assistance from Tabitha and other course members."

Jenna Rayburn | Speech Room News

Would you love to start promoting your business with quality graphic designs, product photos, and even promo videos?

Well, grab your iPhone and let’s get started! The Smartphone Marketing School will give you all the simple yet powerful techniques you need to create better product photos, graphic designs, and videos (like the one above) with JUST YOUR iPHONE.

"I've taken a lot of digital classes, but yours just has so much great, ORIGINAL content, and is so professionally done. I'm not exaggerating - it's changing my life!"
Christine Cadalzo | Christine Cadalzo Teaching Resources

"SPMS has taken me to the next level in product promotion. I am now able to market my business on the run, using just my phone! My product photos and videos are looking better than ever, and I am already seeing results in my business. If you are an entrepreneur and you are not marketing with your smartphone, you should be! I highly recommend joining the SPMS community."

Chrissie Rissmiller | Undercover Classroom

Smartphone Marketing School Gold Membership includes these courses

iPhone Optimization
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Lighting Basics
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Product Photography
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Photo Editing
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Brand On The Go
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My Favorite Graphic Design Apps
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