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Take this course first to make sure your iPhone is primed and ready for making your business look amazing with just your iPhone!

In this course you will learn how to make the MOST of your SPMS membership through the following lessons:

  • Navigating the SPMS membership site on your phone and saving it so you can learn on the go at anytime
  • BONUS - Making the most of the printable Super Essential SPMS Membership Site Roadmap
  • Storage Solutions
  • Google Photos In-Depth Tutorial
  • File Transfer Options
  • BONUS - My Categorized Apps List (that you can access at any time!)
  • And fun stuff I'm keeping on the down-low!
Tabitha Carro

Tabitha Carro

iPhone Visual Marketing Instructor

Tabitha Carro is also an elementary school teacher of 13 years and a #couchhustler by night. She obsesses with learning the smartest ways to create designs, videos, and product photos from her iPhone to market her curriculum design business. She created the Smartphone Marketing School which is a community of supportive and creative entrepreneurs who learn from each other about the latest in iPhone visual marketing techniques.

She finds her best work is done on the couch with her Yorkie-Poo by her side. All photos, graphics, and videos at her website & social media accounts are iPhone-made (accept for a few photos taken by her husband - her visual marketing ninja mentor).

Course Includes

29 Videos

1 Quiz

16 Texts

3 Disqus

Course Curriculum

Help Guide For Freeing Up Space On Your Phone