One-On-One Coaching is an awesome upgrade to consider with your membership.

Do you learn better with one-on-one interaction and accountability? If you purchase the SPMS Plus Coaching Membership option, you'll receive one-on-one assistance with the membership content and challenge completions from a trained SPMS coach.


See below how helpful coaching can be to your smartphone marketing success!

Debra Stancliff | Chalkstar

"I absolutely loved having a coach!"

Debra Stancliff | Chalkstar

"My coach was supportive by patiently answering all my questions. She offered valuable suggestions and shared her expertise. She was my cheerleader by keeping me motivated to complete each module and encouraged me to set personal goals. I definitely recommend having a coach. It is a wonderful experience that enhanced my learning."
Sally Utley | Sally's Sea of Songs

"Just knowing she would be contacting me each week kept me motivated."

Sally Utley | Sally's Sea of Songs

"My coach was very helpful as I worked through the modules. She offered suggestions on my creations, app suggestions, and gave lighting help. She showed me examples from her work to illustrate the point. Just knowing that she would be contacting me each week kept me motivated to finish work the module so I could have questions ready. It was very beneficial to me to have a coach!"
Sarah Tharpe Winchell | Science is for Kids

"Coaching was an essential part of my success."

Sarah Tharpe Winchell | Science is for Kids

"I was a Smartphone Marketing School drop out! Being accountable to my coach really made the difference to me. My coach was a source of encouragement and kept me moving toward meeting my goals. She readily answered questions and offered suggestions when I needed them. I am glad to say that I gained a friend by having a coach as well. Smartphone Marketing School is challenging but well worth the work you put into it! Working with my coach was a great experience. Coaching was an essential part of my success. I am excited to continue this learning journey with Tabitha and Nancy!"


(SPMS members who have chosen coaching support have been among the most successful with smartphone marketing.)

  • Your coach will support you during a ten-week period through private messaging starting Monday, June 25th through Sunday, September 2nd.

  • You and your coach will arrange your preferred communication format (FB Messenger, Voxer, Slack, etc.) and office hours - a time that is convenient for both of you to send/respond to messages.

  • Your coach is there to answer questions, motivate you to complete challenges, and provide supportive feedback on the smartphone marketing visuals you're creating.

  • There is a one-week window (June 25 - July 1) to request a refund if the relationship between you and the coach is not working out. After July 1st, no refunds will be given.

  • You will be assigned a coach on June 25th and begin your communication then.

  • We have an Android coach available for Android users.

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