You can join SPMS at any time and receive the 30-Day SPMS Workbook.

BUT...if you join now, you'll also be a part of the Guided Challenge Facebook group where I'll motivate & instruct you daily in your visual marketing journey - all from your smartphone.

In this 30-day guided training, you'll:

  • choose transfer and storage solutions
  • integrate your branding assets into your designs and videos
  • master composition tips
  • practice editing photos that stand out
  • remove photo backgrounds
  • remove objects in photos
  • choose the best graphic design app for your business needs
  • create branded designs
  • resize designs for multiple platforms
  • animate designs
  • trim videos
  • crop and resize videos
  • create a video slideshow
  • compress videos
  • layer videos and photos in video projects
  • choose the best full video editor app for your business needs
  • plan your smartphone marketing schedule (with a bonus social media planner you'll see further down!)

"This course changed everything about how I shared my resources on social media. From lighting to video, the best apps to the best hardware for the job, this course covers everything that anyone could possibly need to market their products or services. Highly recommend!" Erin Beattie

What is Smartphone Marketing School Membership?

It's a private community and DATABASE of tutorials that teach you to save time and market your business with smartphone-made design, videos, and photos.

  • Photography

    Whether it's for products or to simply stand out on social media, you'll discover how to take amazing photos and edit them all from your phone.

  • Social Media Designs

    With all of the social media platforms and sizes, creating designs for your business can be overwhelming. No worries though! SPMS will teach you how to take the guesswork out of designing while maintaining your visual branding.

  • Videos

    Once video used to be just widescreen. Now it is square, vertical, and even 4:5 aspect ratio. The Video Setup, Script Writing and Video Editing courses will ensure you can make whatever sized videos for whatever marketing purposes you may need.

These tutorials will save you so much time and help you grow your social media and online presence.

Check out what these happy SPMS members have to say:

What are interactive assignments?

Interactive assignments help you apply your learning.

As you watch a tutorial and follow along with your phone, you'll have many opportunities throughout the course site to privately submit a photo, design, video, etc. to me for feedback and support.

The tutorial database and assignments are designed to help you:

  • SAVE TIME creating social media posts

  • free yourself from complicated cameras and software

  • market anytime, anywhere - on-the-go or on the couch!

  • jump into video marketing

  • edit photos you're proud to post online

  • become a time-saving design machine!

  • grow your social media and online presence

  • master lighting and setup for smartphone videos and photos

  • feel comfortable in front of your phone camera

  • LOVE creating marketing designs, videos, and photos


To apply what you learn through trainings and the course site, I have created an exclusive social media planner.

It combines a Trello Board and Google Slides document so you can work via the mobile or printed version.

SPMS tutorials are linked up in the Trello cards so you are not only given ideas of what to post but HOW to post.

I've been seen, heard, or read on the following:

Here is what you'll get as a lifetime SPMS Member:

☞ Lifetime Access To All SPMS Courses & Tutorials

☞ Members Facebook Support Group

☞ Lifetime Access To All SPMS Online Master Classes

☞ Lifetime Access To All 30-Day Trainings

☞ Assignment Feedback Support

☞ Lifetime Access To The SPMS Social Media Planner

Hey, #Couchhustler!

My name is Tabitha Carro and marketing with my smartphone supercharged my productivity and sales. Here's a little about my story.

  • Tabitha Carro

    Smartphone Visual Marketing Instructor

    Tabitha Carro

    Tabitha Carro spent 13 years as a classroom school teacher by day and a #Couchhustler curriculum designer by night. She now obsesses with learning the smartest ways to create designs, videos, and product photos from her iPhone to market her businesses. She created the Smartphone Marketing School which is a community of supportive and creative entrepreneurs who learn from each other about the latest in smartphone visual marketing techniques. She finds her best work is done on the couch with her Yorkie-Poo by her side. All photos, graphics, and videos at her website and social media accounts are smartphone-made (except for a few photos taken by her husband - her visual marketing ninja mentor).

"I've taken a lot of digital classes, but yours just has so much great, ORIGINAL content, and is so professionally done. I'm not exaggerating - it's changing my life!"

Christine Cadalzo | Christine Cadalzo Teaching Resources

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Basic Lifetime SPMS Membership Pricing Options

Save the most by paying a one-time fee of $249. Or choose one of the two monthly payment plans below to spread out the cost.

Christina DeCarbo | Miss DeCarbo

"I was exhausted..."

Christina DeCarbo | Miss DeCarbo

I joined Tabitha's course because I was exhausted from all of the time it was taking me to create and edit photographs for my business. As a teacher, curriculum author, presenter, and first-time mom, there are days I struggle to find the time to finish a cup of coffee - much less create beautiful Instagram pictures and videos for my resources. SPMS taught me to work smarter, not harder. It has been a game-changer for me, and I continue to learn new tips and tricks on a weekly basis. Now, regardless of where I am, I can create a stunning promotional video on my iPhone - and still have time for that cup of hot coffee."


  • Facebook And Instagram Video Ads (and any square, widescreen, or vertical videos)

  • Product Photos

  • Instagram Designs

  • Pinterest & Story Vertical Designs

  • YouTube Videos

  • Image And Video Logos

  • Blog Post Images

  • Facebook Covers

  • Course Site Videos And Designs

  • And So Much More All With Your Phone!

Bonus Material

These extras will make sure you achieve Ninja #Couchhustler success!


    Has your collection of apps grown to an out-of-control disorganized mess? Then this bonus course is for you! You'll learn: 1) A Helpful Method For Organizing Your Apps, 2) How To Use A Custom Background For Increased Organization, 3)How To Make Your Own Branded Lock Screen Wallpapers


    At the SPMS course site you'll learn how to layer your own screen recordings onto stock photos to promote digital resources, websites, landing pages, course demos, tutorials, etc. You'll also get 20 iPhone mockups to ensure your screen recordings stand out.


    I've recently completely redone the Video Editing module to share the simplest process possible for creating outstanding videos from your smartphone. You'll learn the same methods I use for quickly creating quality videos using VideoShop, Enlight VideoLeap, InShot, PicPlayPost, and Quik in SQUARE, WIDESCREEN, and VERTICAL format for all your platform video needs.

Basic Lifetime SPMS Membership Pricing Options

Save the most by paying a one-time fee of $249. Or choose one of the two monthly payment plans below to spread out the cost.


  • Q. How long do I have to access the content?

    Forever. SPMS membership is a lifetime membership. You become part of a supportive community that will always be available to you throughout your business journey. The techniques for smartphone marketing continue to evolve and get better. I don't want you to feel pressured to master the content in a certain amount of time.

  • Q. Do you offer any of the courses individually?

    As of now, no. The courses build upon each other to help you master visual marketing from your iPhone starting with photography. graphic design, and finally videography. Mastering all of these components transformed my marketing quality and efficiency and I want the same for you as well!

  • Q. Can I become a member at any time?

    SPMS membership is available year round. However, the 30-day guided group challenge is only available a few times a year.

  • Q. What kind of business or entrepreneur would benefit from SPMS membership?

    Anyone who has a business or product that they are marketing online through social media, blogging, etc. will benefit from SPMS membership. TpT sellers will find the Teacherpreneur Membership especially helpful.

  • Q. Is the course site self-paced or guided?

    Self-guided except for the 30-day guided challenge and online trainings. The course site is a database, kind of like your Netflix for marketing. Pick and choose what you need.

  • Q. Should I have an iPhone to benefit from SPMS membership?

    Although the tutorials are iPhone-based, I have an Android as well and am gradually adding Android content where needed. There is a solid group of Android members in membership who have found the content valuable and worth their investment. We also have a separate Android SPMS Members Facebook Support Group.

  • Q. What if I realize smartphone marketing is not for me after I pay for membership?

    So far that hasn't happened (knock on wood), but if you do change your mind, you have 30 days after purchase to claim a full refund.

Trina Gaines | Fierce and Flabuless

"SPMS has allowed me to increase my Instagram & Facebook following."

Trina Gaines | Fierce and Flabuless

"Before Smartphone Marketing school I lugged my ball & chain of a laptop everywhere. I struggled to find time to create social media images, product videos, etc. to promote my presence on various social media platforms. Thanks to SPMS, I've learned useful tips on how to market my business from ANYWHERE with just my iPhone. If you're in need of valuable, time saving tips on graphic design, photo/video editing, strategies for social media success, iPhone productivity, and so much more...then enroll NOW! SPMS has allowed me to increase my Instagram & Facebook following, as well as the level of authentic engagement with followers."

Happy SPMS Lifers

Kelly Threadgill | Math Stackers

"I did it ALL on my iPHONE!”

Kelly Threadgill | Math Stackers

"Prior to Tabitha’s ingenious course, I was dependent upon expensive equipment and contracting professionals to create social media posts and promo videos. But with SPMS video editing and design I am equipped and empowered to be the creative force behind all of my company’s marketing needs from planning out the script for each video to the final sound effect. I love it when people ask me what production company I used to make my Math Stackers videos because I get to tell them, “It was me! And I did it ALL on my iPHONE!”
by Kristen | Easy Teaching Tools

"Huge Business Benefits"

by Kristen | Easy Teaching Tools

"I love that I can edit photos, create videos, and market without leaving my couch or turning off my reality TV. This course is so much easier than some of the other courses while still giving my business huge benefits."
Angie Olson | Lucky Little Learners

"Pure Gold!"

Angie Olson | Lucky Little Learners

"Tabitha's Smart Phone Marketing School is pure gold! I took her course wanting to learn more about video marketing and I learned that and so much more. Every topic is well planned and thorough. Her video tutorials are some of the best I've seen in all the courses that I've taken."

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