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Happy SPMS Lifers

Kelly Threadgill | Math Stackers

"I did it ALL on my iPHONE!”

Kelly Threadgill | Math Stackers

"Prior to Tabitha’s ingenious course, I was dependent upon expensive equipment and contracting professionals to create social media posts and promo videos. But with SPMS video editing and design I am equipped and empowered to be the creative force behind all of my company’s marketing needs from planning out the script for each video to the final sound effect. I love it when people ask me what production company I used to make my Math Stackers videos because I get to tell them, “It was me! And I did it ALL on my iPHONE!”
by Kristen | Easy Teaching Tools

"Huge Business Benefits"

by Kristen | Easy Teaching Tools

"I love that I can edit photos, create videos, and market without leaving my couch or turning off my reality TV. This course is so much easier than some of the other courses while still giving my business huge benefits."
Angie Olson | Lucky Little Learners

"Pure Gold!"

Angie Olson | Lucky Little Learners

"Tabitha's Smart Phone Marketing School is pure gold! I took her course wanting to learn more about video marketing and I learned that and so much more. Every topic is well planned and thorough. Her video tutorials are some of the best I've seen in all the courses that I've taken."

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  • Tabitha Carro

    Smartphone Visual Marketing Instructor

    Tabitha Carro

    Tabitha Carro spent 13 years as a classroom school teacher by day and a #Couchhustler curriculum designer by night. She now obsesses with learning the smartest ways to create designs, videos, and product photos from her iPhone to market her businesses. She created the Smartphone Marketing School which is a community of supportive and creative entrepreneurs who learn from each other about the latest in smartphone visual marketing techniques. She finds her best work is done on the couch with her Yorkie-Poo by her side. All photos, graphics, and videos at her website and social media accounts are smartphone-made (except for a few photos taken by her husband - her visual marketing ninja mentor).