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June 7th - July 6th

July 15th - August 13th

You can join SPMS at any time and receive the 30-Day SPMS Workbook.

BUT...if you join now, you'll also be a part of the June or July (your choice) challenge Facebook group where I'll guide you daily in your visual marketing journey - all from your smartphone.

In this 30-day guided training, you'll:

  • choose transfer and storage solutions
  • integrate your branding assets into your designs and videos
  • master composition tips
  • practice editing photos that stand out
  • remove photo backgrounds
  • remove objects in photos
  • choose the best graphic design app for your business needs
  • create branded designs
  • resize designs for multiple platforms
  • animate designs
  • trim videos
  • crop and resize videos
  • create a video slideshow
  • compress videos
  • layer videos and photos in video projects
  • choose the best full video editor app for your business needs
  • plan your smartphone marketing schedule (with a bonus social media planner you'll see further down!)